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A funny Timer script that’s not “too long”

Humor is a great element to add to any script or speech. TM Kelly from New York has done this brilliantly in her “short” script for the role of a Timer. Have a look.

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Role of a Timer in Toastmasters
Role of a Timer in Toastmasters

There are only a few circumstances when the adjective “too long” brings a smile to your face. It’s good to have a car that’s “too long” may be a subway sandwich or a rope to reach the bottom of the eternal youth well.  But in most cases, “too long” invites the sad emoji face. Think about a “too long” movie, or a flight and most worryingly, a speech. Well thankfully, I am here to rescue you from the third one.

As the Timer, my role is to alert the speakers of their time intervals so that their speeches are not “too long”

For the prepared speech section, the time allotted is 5 to 7 minutes. At 5 minutes I will flash the green card, at 6 the yellow and at 7 the red card.

For the Table Topic session the time allotted is 1 to 2 minutes. At 1 minute, I will flash the green card, at 1.5 the yellow and at 2 the red card.

And for speech evaluations, the time limit is 2 to 3 minutes. At 2 minutes, I will flash the green card, at 2.5 the yellow and at 3 minutes the red card.

There is a grace period of 30 seconds after the red card is flashed each time to wrap up your speech.

I will come back with my report in the last session when called upon by the General Evaluator.

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Thank you so much TM Kelly for this wonderful submission. If you have a script or idea for any role in Toastmasters, do let us know here.

For more script ideas to introduce your role as the Timer, click here.


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