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A General Evaluator script based on a personal story

Personal stories are the best tool to capture your audience’s attention. In addition, they add a great deal of credibility and trust to the speaker’s message. Here is an introduction script for the role of a General Evaluator by TM Shruti from Mumbai that banks on a personal story. Have a look.

Role of a General Evaluator
Role of a General Evaluator

When I was in school, I participated in a lot of debates and extempore contests. I won some but lost many. In either case, I and every other participant always remained in dark about the underlying reason – whether it was our thoughts, delivery or just plain luck that led to the victory or failure causing our future attempts to remain a shot in the dark as well.

In Toastmasters, we have a dedicated evaluation session to remove this mystery. In this session, I as the General evaluator will present a comprehensive report on the entire meeting – things that were good and those that can be improved.

Assisting me in this job are speech evaluators who will evaluate the prepared speeches and my TAG team. Let me introduce this team now.

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Thank you TM Shruti for this wonderful submission. If you have a script for any role in Toastmasters, do let us know here.

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