How to present the Timer’s report

In an earlier blog, we discussed how to do the role of a Timer in Toastmasters. Find it here.

New Toastmasters are often confused about the right way to present the Timer’s report. This blog is a deep dive into this specific aspect of a Timer’s role.

Timer in Toastmasters

The format for presenting a Timer’s report is determined to a large extent by each club’s policy about spelling out individual members time count. Some clubs prefer spelling out the time count of only members who are disqualified while others do the same for every member. In either case, do remember that presenting report occurs in the third session of the meeting, a time when people are already glancing at their watches waiting for the meeting to end. So it is very important that irrespective of the club policies, a Timer’s report should be crisp and quick.

Here is a guide on presenting the Timer’s report in both the cases.

Case 1 – Club spells out time count for only disqualified members.

In this case, the Timer should give a blanket qualification sans details to all speakers / evaluators excluding members who did not qualify. The Timer may mention specific details only on disqualified speakers / evaluators.

Here is how the Timer may present the report in this case.

Hello everyone. I am back with my report. I am happy to say that all the speakers and evaluators have qualified for voting today except Prepared speaker TM A and Table Topic Speaker TM B. TM A took 8 minutes 10 seconds while TM B took 2 minutes 45 seconds. Hence they are disqualified for voting. Thank You.

Case 2 – Club spells out time count for every speaker / evaluator.

In this case, Timer should present a detailed report by spelling out Time taken by every speaker / evaluator. The Timer can conclude by specifying speakers / evaluators who are disqualified for voting.

Here is how the Timer may present the report in this case.

Hello Everyone. I am back with my report.

Here is the Time Count for Prepared Speech section. –

TM A 6 minutes, 45 seconds.

TM B 7 minutes, 15 seconds.

TM C 7 minutes, 45 seconds.

In the Table Topic Session

TM D 1 minute, 45 seconds

TM E 2 minute, 10 Seconds

TM F 1 minute, 55 seconds

TM G 2 minute, 45 seconds.

In the Evaluation session,

Evaluator H 2 minutes, 10 seconds.

Evaluator I 2 minutes 45 seconds.

Evaluator J 3 minutes.

Prepared Speaker TM C and Table Topic Speaker TM G are disqualified for voting. Thank You.

Remember, it’s important to be crisp and quick.

Note – Some clubs time role players like TMOD and GE as well to ensure the meeting is on track. However, their time count is not mentioned while presenting the report.


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