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An Ah counter script inspired from childhood memories

Here is a script for the role of Ah Counter submitted by TM Shweta from Delhi. Shweta draws on her childhood experience to explain her role as an Ah Counter. Have a look.

Role of Ah Counter

When I was a kid, I loved the Red Sauce Pasta at a local Italian restaurant in our small town. However, I despised the mushrooms in the pasta and tossed them one by one to a corner. Filler words in our speeches are like the mushrooms that I hated. They ruin an otherwise delicious experience. As the Ah Counter today, I will help you in identifying the mushrooms in your speech. I will keep track of filler words such ah, umm, you know, like, basically etc. used by the speakers and come back with my report towards the end of the meeting.

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Thank you TM Shweta for this submission. If you have a script for any role in Toastmasters, do let us know here.

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