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A TMOD theme and script on “Reasons to renew your membership”

A TMOD theme titled “Reasons to Renew your membership” can be a life saver for your club. Here is a script that will help you motivate your club members to renew their commitment to Toastmasters. This submission has been made by TM Neha from Kolkata. Have a look.

It’s that time of the year

When comes the message from the treasurer

“On this challenging mission, if you wanna stay as crew

Times running out, please renew.”

Fellow toastmasters, as you are aware, the renewal season is upon us. All of us would agree that Toastmasters provides us the best learning and growing platform. Renewal is a small price we pay to reap the benefits of this platform. Let me therefore remind you once again why you should renew.

Reason #1. It is said that every person is an average of the people he hangs out with. Toastmasters is your only intellectual hangout that drastically increases your average. Here is a group of people you meet every week who shares their knowledge with you willingly, have a positive mindset and most importantly wants to see you grow. When you hang out with such positive minded people, all of this rubs on you too and elevates you. That’s one fabulous reason to renew.

Since you are already a Toastmaster, you know this and much more. But our guests may not. So let me explain them how a Toastmaster meeting functions. Every Toastmasters meeting is divided into three parts. The first part is the Prepared Speech section where our members prepare a 5 to 7 minute speech in advance, get it mentored and deliver the same. The second part is the fun and exciting Table Topic Session where anyone can speak for 1 to 2 minutes on a topic given by our Table Topic Master. And the last part is another big reason to renew – the evaluation session where our General Evaluator for the day will help you understand how you can improve. On that note let me invite our General Evaluator for the day TM Name.

(Once the General Evaluator is done explaining his role, continue with the theme as under.)

Reason #2 – Did you know that a professional Public Speaking Course in any academy will cost you ten times more and may last just a few weeks or months at the most? Moreover, you are among a large group of people where the number of times you get to actually speak is limited. At Toastmasters, each member gets innumerable opportunities to practice their skill in a diverse set of roles and projects and since we are a nonprofit origination, all of this at a fraction of the cost. This cost is the renewal that lets you practice and hone your skill for six months.

Let me now invite our first prepared speaker for the day TM Name.

(Once the Prepared speech section is over, continue with the theme as under.)

Reason #3. Imagine you go the gym every day for a year and suddenly stop it. Do you know what would happen? Your body would soon be out of shape again. It’s not just your body. Any skill that we are good at requires continuous practice. When we stop doing it for a while, our ability to perform it equally good starts waning. If you find that hard to believe, imagine speaking impromptu on a topic after a gap of 6 months. If that gives you goose bumps, head to our renewal counters after the meeting. But for now let those goose bumps excite you because it’s time for the fun filled Table Topic Session. Please help me invite our Table Topic Master for the day TM Name.

(After the Table Topic session is over, continue with the theme as under.)

Reason #4. Fellow Toastmasters, Pathways has dramatically increased the scope to learn new things and skills. If your current path doesn’t excite you anymore, here are some interesting paths that may give you the chill. “Engaging humor” is about adding humor in your speeches so that you can become the life of the party. “Effective Coaching” helps you develop your inter personal communication skill and guides you on how to become a coach – an emerging profession in all fields. “Presentation mastery” can help you learn this valuable skill that may benefit you tremendously in your job or business. In fact Pathways has 11 paths – choose an alternate path that renews your interest. And that will give you a fabulous reason to renew your membership as well. On that note, let me now invite the General Evaluator for the day to present his report TM Name.

(Once the evaluation session is over, conclude the theme as below)

Reason #5. There is one more solid reason to renew your commitment to Toastmasters. In life, the key to growth is challenge. Let Toastmasters challenge you. There are two key pillars of Toastmasters – Public Speaking and Leadership. Challenge yourself by being a Leader. Form your team and present your proposal to make the club’s Newsletter or conduct a high performance program such as YLP or Speech craft. Reach out to the VP Ed to assign you more mentees. You can also volunteer to become club officer role or take up roles at area / division level. All of this will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your leadership skill, your ability to collaborate and form a team and a reason to renew.

Fellow members, I am sure by now you are convinced that Toastmasters is indeed one exciting mission. And if you want to stay on board this mission as a crew, please renew.

I would now like to give away the awards.

Thank you TM Neha for this brilliant submission. This script should be very helpful for the vast majority of the clubs every renewal session.

If you have a creative script for any role in Toastmasters, let us know here. For more ideas on themes and scripts for your role as a TMOD, look here.


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