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Funny Ah counter script with log sheet

TM Neha from Mumbai has drafted a wonderful script for the role of an Ah Counter that should draw a chuckle from any reader. Attached at the bottom, is a log sheet or form to record the observations as an Ah Counter. Have a read.

A toddler looks adorable mumbling meaningless words but an adult – not so much. While the toddler may be showered with kisses, for a grown up in an interview or an important presentation, it may be the kiss of death.

That is why every Toastmasters meeting has an Ah counter. As the Ah counter today, my role is to keep a track of the meaningless filler words such as ah, umm, err and crutch words such as like, you know, because etc. used by the speakers. I will take note of them and come back with my report towards the end of the meeting.

Below is a log sheet you can use to note your observations.

Thank you TM Neha for this wonderful submission. If you have a script for any role in Toastmasters, you can let us know here.

For more ideas on introduction scripts for the role of Ah counter, look here.


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