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A General Evaluator script from a guest

TM Shubham from Delhi has beautifully connected the analogy of security checks of an aircraft with the role of General Evaluator in Toastmasters. Have a look.

Role of General Evaluator in Toastmasters
Role of General Evaluator in Toastmasters

Would you dare to fly in a plane that doesn’t get checked regularly? Well the question is irrelevant because the airliners wouldn’t dare in the first place either. It’s too costly a risk.

As a public speaker, you are taking your audience on an imaginary flight with you and it’s a good practice to check yourself as a speaker. Because in public speaking, a bored audience crashes faster than a plane. Lucky for you in Toastmasters we don’t take that risk either. As a general evaluator, my role is to give a comprehensive report on today’s meeting. And helping me in this job are speech evaluators and TAG role Players. Let me introduce the TAG Role players for today.  

Thank you TM Shubham for your submission. If you have a script for any role in Toastmasters, do let us know here.

For more ideas on introduction for role of General Evaluators, look here.


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