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A Table Topic session on your city

Every one loves their home town – whether it be a small village or a large metropolis. TM Mohit from Mumbai chose to ask Toastmasters in his club what they thought of their city. Here are some interesting topics from TM Mohit that you can ask your club members too and know their views about your city.

Hello everyone.

If there is one thing every Mumbaikar would agree to, it is that we are immensely proud of our city. We have spent out entire lives here and the entire city feels like a home to us. No wonder, it is commonly said that once you have lived in Mumbai, you cannot live anywhere else.

Today, I have prepared some Table Topics based on our city. This will help me understand what our Toastmasters think of the city, their likes and dislikes. Let’s start the session now. Who would like to volunteer first?

1) Three places you would recommend an outsider to eat in Mumbai.

2) What is the most over rated aspect of Mumbai?

3) What is an under rated aspect of Mumbai?

4) How would you convince an outsider to shift to Mumbai?

5) One thing that Mumbai is severely lagging behind in.

6) What makes Mumbai different from any other city?

7) If an alien visited Mumbai, what about the city would surprise them?

8) If you could relocate Mumbai to any other state, which state would you like to relocate it to?

Thank You TM Mohit. That is indeed an interesting and fun Table Topic Session to quiz people about their city.

If you have such ideas about any role in Toastmasters, do let us know here.

For more ideas on creative Table Topics, look here.


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