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A general evaluator script from a soccer fan

TM Manish from Delhi is a soccer fan. Here is a submission from Manish for the role of a General Evaluator drawing from his love for the game. Have a look.

Would you send you son to a soccer academy where the coaches never give him any feedback? Probably not. Your son may be scoring on the wrong side of the field and yet all the coaches do is sip their coco cola.

Well, we don’t play soccer here but being a public speaker is no less a daunting job. And if you don’t receive any feedback here, you may end up scoring a point for your opponent in that key presentation for your business too.

That is why every Toastmaster meeting has a General Evaluator. As a General Evaluator, my role is to give a general evaluation on the overall proceedings of our meeting today – things that went well and things that can be improved.

Helping me in my job is a team of TAG role players. Let me introduce them to you.

If you have any script for any role in Toastmasters, do let us know here.

For more ideas on introduction scripts for the role of General Evaluator, look here.


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