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An introduction script for Grammarian from a guest

TM Rohit from Kolkata has drafted a very logical script to give his introduction as a Grammarian. This script fetched him the TAG role award in his club. Have a look.

Role of Grammarian in Toastmasters
Role of Grammarian in Toastmasters

This year, the Academy Award for Best Picture went to the South Korean black comedy thriller film Parasite. Have you seen that movie? If not, you must. It’s a treat. But in either case, the only way to enjoy the movie is to either watch an English dubbed version or watch it with subtitles.

While here, it’s an altogether different language that poses the problem, too often, that is not the main barrier. Often, it’s the wrong use of English language, wrong words or pronunciation that prevents the other person from understanding our message.

Since we don’t have any subtitles while speaking in real life or in Toastmasters, it is very important that our language is error free. This is why every Toastmasters meeting has a Grammarian. As a Grammarian today, I will keep a track of all the good usage of English, good phrases, words, idioms etc. but more importantly the not so good usage of English and incorrect pronunciations as well.

I am also supposed to give you the word of the day and the word of the day is “Beseech”

It is a verb and it means “ask someone urgently and fervently to do something”

Example of a sentence using the word can be –

“I beseech the members of the club to use the word of the day in their speeches today”

I will come back with my report towards the end of the meeting.

Thank You TM Rohit for this submission. If you have a creative script for any role in Toastmasters, do let us know here.

For more ideas on script for the role of Toastmasters, look here.


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