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Table Topic idea on the theme of day dreaming

All of us love to imagine ourselves being in a different space or a different time. TM Sanjana from Delhi hosted a table topic session on this theme called day dreaming in her club with some great results. Have a look at some of the topics she dished out to members in her club.

Everybody on this earth is a day dreamer. We all at some point of time imagine ourselves being in a different place, or a different situation or just being a different person all together. Today, I will give you a chance to share with us a glimpse of all those day dreams that you have built over the years. All the topics today are based on a hypothetical situation on which you can build your day dreams. So let’s see what are your dreams made of. Who would like to volunteer?

1) If you could be the hero in any film of your choice, which film would it be and why?

2) If not Guwahati, which city would you like to live in?

3) If you were in an alternate career, what would it be?

4) If you could go back to the 15 year old you, what advices would you give?

5) If you were to author a book, what type of book would it be?

6) If you were the Prime Minister of our country, what are the things you would like to focus on?

7) If you were the President of Toastmasters International, what changes would you like to bring about?

Thank you so much TM Sanjana for your submission. If you have a creative idea, for any session in Toastmasters, let us know here.

For more ideas on hosting a great Table Topic session, look here.

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