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Irrational topics for a fun creative topic session

TM Manali from Delhi has some creative ideas for some fun table topic session. In a very rational world, she presents some irrational topics forcing you to think out of the box. Have a look.

Hello everyone. We live in a very rational world where every action is rationally verified, put to test and then acted upon.

To give you a dose of change from this routine, I have planned some very silly table topics today. They have as much relevance to the real world as unicorns has. Hence, I would request you to think out of the box and entertain us with some creative thinking.

Who would like to volunteer?

1) Difficulties of being the girlfriend of a super hero

2) If you found Alladin’s lamp, what would be your 3 wishes?

3) If given an option would you rather be a fish in the ocean or a bird in the sky?

4) If you could play any character in Game of Thrones, which character would you like to play?

5) If you were invited to be the part of the first crew to settle on mars, will you volunteer?

6) If you could live in any historic empire under any king, where would you like to live?

7) A super villain is more important than a super hero. What do you think?

Thank you so much TM Manali for your submission.

If you have some creative ideas that you tried in your meetings, do let us know here.

If you are looking for more ideas to conduct a fun table topic session, click here.


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