Ice Breaker

Creative introduction and conclusion examples for your ice breaker

An ice breaker is the first speech you present to the members of your club. By its very nature, it is a gist of your life presented in a chronological order. Therefore, it is always a good idea to decorate the introduction and conclusion of your ice breaker with a beautiful prose that lends the entire speech a touch of creativity.

Here are 5 sample opening and conclusion for an ice breaker to inspire you. See if you can come up with a similar prose for your ice breaker.

Introduction – Ice breakers are fun sessions meant to share stories like “I was so drunk that I dialed my boss” rather than serious ones like “I am allergic to dust.” So let me share some fun stories from my life today.

(Now, you can begin describing your life as a series of fun anecdotes.)

Conclusion – To conclude, am not sure about the conversation I would have if I were to drunk dial my boss but in a sober interview, if he asked me “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” I would say …. (Mention your goal in brief)

Introduction – The famous philosopher Aristotle has said “Well begun is half done.” Fellow Toastmasters, I began really well as a jolly toddler exploring the backyard of my rural house at (insert name of the place you grew up at here and begin describing your life).

Conclusion – As Aristotle confirmed, the first half is already well done. And I am sure in the company of you excellent Toastmasters; the second half would be done in style as well.

Introduction – The words “Once upon a time” guarantees that an exciting tale is about to unfold. But my exciting tale began with “hurrrrah” – the word my father exclaimed in joy upon hearing about my arrival to this world.

(Begin your life experiences here)

Conclusion – All “once upon a time” tales generally conclude with a “happily ever after.” However, I am lucky to say that with this ice breaker today, a new story has just begun and the best is yet to come – Hurrrah.

Introduction – It is said that for every one of us, the world has seven look-alike people. Fellow toastmasters and guests, standing in front of you is the absolute original version of “Name.” I claimed that originality title on (insert date) – the day I was born.

(Begin your life experiences here)

Conclusion – The world may have my seven look-alikes but I can assure you, the rich experiences I have, the beautiful people I met and this journey with you fellow Toastmasters is absolutely unique to me.

Introduction – The third shelf of the wooden almirah in right corner of my room has the documentary of my life. No it is not a 2 hour long video tape but rather a folder containing the important documents of my life – the first one being my birth certificate dated (insert date here and begin your journey)

Conclusion – The folder I mentioned earlier has expanded over the years with several competition certificates, educational degrees and appreciation letters. But right now am looking forward to a new folder – one with all the certificates I will win in my journey with you fellow Toastmasters.

As you can see, a beautiful introduction and a relating conclusion can add charm to your ice breaker. We have presented 5 samples here to show you how to achieve the same. Take a cue and draft your introduction and conclusion to add a touch of style to your ice breaker.

To learn more about how to draft an ice breaker, click here or learn how to insert humor from your life in your ice breaker here.


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