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A humorous General Evaluator script from a Toastmaster

It is said that humor is one the best instrument to connect with your audience. Here is a script by TM Ankit from Kolkata that does just that – a humorous beginning to a serious role. Have a read.

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Hello everyone.

There are some job titles that confuse people. A “Chief Executive Officer” for example may scare people wondering about the employees who are being executed by the officer.

Thankfully, my role title in today’s meeting is fairly self-explanatory – General Evaluator. As the title suggests, my role is to give a general evaluation on the overall proceedings of our meeting today – things that went well and things that can be improved.

Helping me in my job are some specific evaluators who would evaluate specific aspects. For example, there are speech evaluators who would evaluate the prepared speeches in today’s meeting. Apart from them, we also have TAG role players, where T stands for Timer, A stands for Ah counter and G stands for Grammarian.

You can now introduce the TAG Role players.

Thank you TM Ankit for that humorous script.

If you have such a creative script for any role in Toastmasters, let us know here.

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