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Ah counter script from a Toastmaster

For most people, Google is the go to solution for any query they have. Here is a script by TM Mayank from Kolkata that banks on this idea. Give this a read.

Hello Toastmasters,

The next time you are idle, do a Google search for “signs someone is lying from body language experts.” One of the signs you will find in the list is the use of words such as uh, like, um etc. Experts call them a common indication of deception.

This means that use of filler words make you lose credibility. It makes people less reliable of what you have to say. Hence, if you want your audience to follow the message in your speech, it is a good idea to use as few filler words as possible.

As the Ah counter today, my role is to keep track of filler words used during the speeches today. I will note the usage of words like ah, um, err, because, you know etc. and present my report towards the end of the meeting.

Thank You.

Thank you Mayank for your submission.

If you have a creative script for any role in Toastmasters, let us know here.

If you are looking for more creative scripts for the role of Ah counter, look here.


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