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Contributions from fellow Toastmasters on Timer’s role

Here is an interesting and very relatable script for the role of a timer in Toastmasters. This submission has been made by TM Priyanka from Kolkata. Have a read.

When we were kids, telling time was one of the first adult skills that we were taught. As we entered school, we were told that punctuality is golden. Teachers uttered timeless proverbs like “time and tide waits for none” or “a stitch in time saves nine” while our math books were filled with lessons on speed, distance and time. And needless to say, as we entered our professional lives, the value of time just increased manifold.

Clearly, time holds an important place in human life. And so it is in Toastmasters as well. In Toastmasters every speaker is allotted a pre-defined time limit. As a timer today, my role is to let the speakers know their time while they are on the stage.

For the prepared speech section, the time allotted is 5 to 7 minutes. At 5 minutes I will flash the green card, at 6 the yellow and at 7 the red card.

For the Table Topic session the time allotted is 1 to 2 minutes. At 1 minute, I will flash the green card, at 1.5 the yellow and at 2 the red card.

And for the speech evaluations, the time limit is 2 to 3 minutes. At 2 minutes, I will flash the green card, at 2.5 the yellow and at 3 minutes the red card.

There is a grace period of 30 seconds after the red card is flashed each time to wrap up your speech.

I hope all the speakers strive to be within their allotted time limit. I will be back with my report towards the end of the meeting.

Thank You

Wasn’t that a simple but beautiful introduction for the role of a timer. If you have any creative scripts that you have used for any role in Toastmasters, let us know here.


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