Ah Counter

Shortest script for role of Ah counter

Here is the shortest possible script for the role of Ah counter that delivers value without any compromise. It has every thing – purpose, examples, analogy, reason – all in just about a 100 words. Have a look.

Filler words tracked by Ah Counter

Hello everyone.

I am the Ah counter for the day. I am the one responsible for keeping a track on the use of filler words in our session today. Filler words are meaningless words like ah, umm, err, you know, like etc. as well short pauses that we use when while deciding what to say next. Think of them like weeds in a beautiful garden that destroy the aesthetics of the garden without adding any value. I will make a note of the same and present my report towards the end of the meeting so that just like weeds, you can pull them off too.

Over to you the General Evaluator

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