Ah Counter

Script for role of Ah Counter in Toastmasters

An Ah counter in Toastmasters might as well be called the Fluency meter. They play a very important role in letting speakers know how fluent they were in their speeches. Here is a small introduction script for the role of Ah Counter that focuses on this aspect. Have a look at the script below.

Filler words for Ah Counter
Filler Words act like a wall between you and your audience

Have you ever had an interaction with someone who was not very fluent in the language, perhaps an exchange with a small vendor when travelling in another country? Or may be you were the person who was not very fluent, something that happens a lot to me when I try to speak the local language.  It’s an incredibly frustrating experience for both the listener and the speaker.

When we use filler words like ah, um, err, you know etc. in our speeches, they affect our fluency too. And the impact on the listeners is much worse because presentations and speeches are mostly one way communications with limited scope for the listener to clarify their doubts. It is therefore very important that we refrain from using these filler words when talking to our audience.

As an Ah Counter today, I will keep a track of all the filler words as well as pauses you have in your speeches so that you may work on them and avoid using them in future speeches. I will get back with my report towards the end of the meeting.

Over to you the General Evaluator.

For more ideas on creative scripts for the role of Ah Counter look here.


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