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Table Topic on the theme of Bollywood

As we mentioned earlier, topics in a Table Topic session are ideally designed on the theme of the meeting. Below are some topics based on the theme Bollywood. Have a look.

Hello everyone. Politics, cricket and Bollywood are three things that pair perfectly with a cup of chai anywhere in India. Of the three, Bollywood especially resonates with every one – men & women, old & young, rich & poor – everyone feels enamored by our larger than life Bollywood superstars. Today, our table Topic Session is based on Bollywood as well. I have some interesting topics on which any one including the guests can come up and speak for 1 to 2 minutes. You will get a grace time of 30 seconds to think as well before you begin speaking. So let’s begin. Who will volunteer first?

Table Topics in Toastmasters
Table Topics in Toastmasters

1) A Bollywood role you wish you could have played.

2) A Bollywood movie you think most closely resembles your life.

3) If Bollywood makes a biography on your life, who do you think should play your role?

4) Do you agree that songs are actually the essence of Bollywood?

5) Which Hollywood star would you like to see in a Bollywood movie?

6) One change you would like to see in Bollywood movies.

7) An actor in Bollywood you think is underrated.

8) An actor in Bollywood you think is overrated.

9) Do you think Bollywood award shows are fair?


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