Ah Counter

Introduction for Ah counter’s role in Toastmasters

There have been two people in recent Indian politics who have gained widespread reputation as impressive public speakers – Mr Shashi Tharoor and Mr Narendra Modi. Of the two, Mr Narendra Modi has especially captured people’s interest being the Indian Prime Minister.

As surprising as it may seem, Mr Narendra Modi may have really benefited a lot from our Ah Counter. while that’s a no go now, an Ah counter in our toastmaster’s meeting can definitely benefit from him by citing this in his introduction speech. Have a read at this introduction speech for your role as an Ah counter below.

After a long time, Mr Narendra Modi has been one Indian Prime Minister who could catch people’s imaginations through his speeches. Social media is teeming with memes of his catch phrases “Bhaiyo aur behno” and “mitrooo” while his demonetization speech is still burnt into people’s memory.

Yet, one of the most common criticisms he receives is that he pauses a lot. People were especially critical of his speeches during the corona virus pandemic, where too many pauses annoyed the already anxious people. Yet his speech was heard by crores of people and replayed by news channel over and over again. That’s because he was the PM and his messages were super important.

Sadly, we are neither the PM nor have as important messages that can compel people to hang on to our every word. It is therefore very important that when we are on the stage, we don’t give people the smallest reason to shut their ears to our speech. This is where the Ah counter comes into play. As an Ah counter, I will keep a track of all the filler words like ah, um err, and, like etc as well as pauses that you may use during your speech, so that you don’t annoy your audience. I will present my report towards the end of the meeting.

Over to you General Evaluator.

Do you have any other public figure in mind who can be a great demo in our ah counter introduction speech? Let us know.


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