Table Topic Master

Ideas for Table Topic Session on the theme of “declutter”

As we mentioned before, it is important that as a Table Topic Master, you base your topics on the theme of the meeting as decided by the TMOD.

Finding creative and interesting topics that draw people in may seem challenging, especially when the theme appears off beat. Moreover, you also risk boring your audience if your topics appear unimaginative. Below are some great topics based on the theme of “declutter” for an ideal Table Topic Session. Pick your favourite ones.

Good evening Toastmasters and Guests.

Decluttering is the buzz word these days. Be it our house, office or even life in general, people are increasingly adopting decluttering as a lifestyle. This is evident by the fact that there are books on decluttering that are best sellers, TED talks that have lakhs of views and companies like IKEA that are cashing on this new trend.

So today, lets have some interesting Table Topics based on the idea of declutter. For the guests and new members, let me explain more about this session. In this session, anyone including the guests can participate by volunteering. I will give you one topic on which you have to speak for 1 to 2 minutes. You have 30 seconds to think as well before you begin speaking. So who will volunteer first?

  1. What do you think is more cluttered – our minds or our homes?

2. One thing that you would never declutter.

3. Demonetisation was India’s biggest decluttering drive. What do you think?

4. Imagine you work for OLX. Make a sales pitch.

5. What is easier – decluttering or attempting a table topic in Toastmasters?

6. What are the 3 things that clutter your smartphone?

7. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being highest, how cluttered is your wardrobe?

8. Natural calamities are God’s way of decluttering earth. Whats your view?

9. Do you actually believe in the joy of less?

10. What is the best decluttering advice you ever heard?

Have you got some more? Bring it on.

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