Ah Counter

Short and effective introduction for role of Ah Counter in Toastmasters

Any person who has been in Toastmasters long enough knows the effectiveness of metaphors and analogies. These are beautiful devices to make an otherwise complex subject simpler to understand and grasp.

Metaphors and analogies can also be used to explain your role as an Ah Counter clearly and effectively. Have a look at the following introduction for an Ah Counter.

Ah counter in Toastmasters

None of us like the speed breakers on the road. Or buffering in a YouTube video. Or a layover during an air travel. Or pop ups when browsing the internet. Or ad breaks during a cricket match.

The speed breaker, buffering, layover, pop ups and ad breaks are like distractions that break the smooth flow in an otherwise more desirable and enjoyable activity.

Guess what – nobody likes filler words in a beautiful speech either. Filler words such as ah, um, err, you know are like those pop ups and speed breakers that prevents your audience from giving their ears to an otherwise more desirable activity – your speech.

I am here today to keep a track of all the filler words and pauses that you use during your speech today so that you may work on them to become a more effective speaker. I will keep note of them and present my reports towards the end of the meeting.

Do you have some more examples of apt analogies / metaphors that we could use in the first para above in introduction? Let us know and we will include them.


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