General Evaluator

Introduction speech for the GE in Toastmasters

Here is an introduction speech for the role of General Evaluator in Toastmasters meeting with an interesting comparison. See if it rings a bell in your head too.

Hello Toastmasters and dear guests.

Our television world these days is filled with reality shows. With a population of over 125 crore people, there is no dearth of talent in India and hence we have more than a dozen talent shows. And each of these shows claims to uncover hidden talent in the nooks and corners of the nation. One of the most important persons in these shows is the talent show judge. And it’s an extremely hard role to play. That’s because not only are they responsible to increase the TRP of the shows by getting emotional and shedding a few tears but they are also expected to judge a variety of skills – dancing, singing, acting, acrobats and several other creative skills that people bring to these shows.

A general evaluator’s role is quite similar to the talent show judge’s role. This does not mean that I am going to shed tears on speeches today, but just like the judge, a General Evaluator also has to evaluate different members for different skills – like their listening skills, language skills, analytical skills, presence of mind and most importantly speaking skills. Assisting me in this task is my team of evaluators called the TAG team.

At this point you may introduce the TAG team.

For the new members and guests, let me inform you, just like audience vote for the best contestants in a reality show, all Toastmasters meeting too has a voting towards the end where they vote for the best performers. The only difference is I too stand a chance to win here today. I will meet you again towards the end of the meeting with my report.

Did that bring a smile to your face? Let us know if this introduction speech resonates with you.

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