General Evaluator

Short introduction speech for General Evaluator

Here is a another short introduction for the role of General Evaluator. If you are the GE in a cold morning meeting, this might be the perfect speech for you.

Hello Everyone. I was sitting in my seat thinking about my role and realized that being a General Evaluator is indeed a unique opportunity. We have 2 speakers, 2 speech evaluators and 6 role players today who prepared throughout the last week to deliver to their best today on a cold morning. Being a GE gives me the privilege of being even colder with them through my evaluations without receiving any cold stares. Instead I get their warm appreciations for pointing out their mistakes. In the real world, doing this would cost me some relationships. For the guest, let me explain. My role as a General evaluator is to give a comprehensive evaluation on the entire meeting today. And to assist me in this evaluation, I have a team called the TAG team.

At this point, introduce your TAG team and you are done.


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