General Evaluator

Lets make the GE sassy

Wanna add spice to your role as a GE? Nobody likes listening to criticism anyways. And if it’s presented in a boring and dull manner, it might be an even bigger turn off.

Here is an introduction speech for your role as a GE that has some spice built into it. Check it out.

Role of General Evaluator in Toastmasters.
Role of General Evaluator in Toastmasters

Good morning everyone. I am your General Evaluator today. I was sitting back there and thinking about my role today simultaneously evaluating the SAA and the President. I realized that a General Evaluator is the most self-obsessed person in the meeting. He looks at every person on the stage to find faults and thinks “Well I can do better than him.”  A GE is so narcissist that he might even look at a timer and say “hell, I can keep time better than him.” In a gist, my role as a GE is to look at every person and suggest how I might have done their role better than them.

Assisting me in this task is a team of supplementary evaluators whom we have given a very cute name – the TAG team

At this point, introduce your TAG team.

Was that spicy enough? Let us know.


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