Table Topic Master

A Table Topic session on Water Scarcity

An interesting approach to introduce your role as a Table Topic Master is to include the theme of the meeting in your introduction. Since your topics would also be based on the same, it can be a great way to introduce yourself as a Table Topic master.

Check out the following based on the theme of Water Scarcity.

Good morning everyone and a very special thanks to TMOD. I think she has set a really relevant theme for today’s meeting. Ever since the evolution of man, we have exploited our water resources so much that the scientists have already warned that harm done is almost irreversible now. All we can do is take steps so that any future damage may at least be curtailed or if possible stopped. During all these times, one positive thing that has happened is that we as a generation have at least become more aware and conscious. After all that’s why we have so many debates discussions and dialogs going on to protect our mother earth. That’s why we have such a theme for our meeting too. It shows that mankind is at least beginning to ponder his actions. So today’s Table Topic session too revolves around this theme. I have some very simple topics on which anyone including the guest can come up and speak for 2 minutes. You also get a grace period of 30 seconds to think before you speak. So let’s begin

1) Consumerism has led to where we are today.

2) Should Bottled water be totally banned?

3) Would you rather live in a developed city with no water or a small town with sufficient water?

4) Donald Trump thinks Global warming is a hoax. What do you have to say?

5) Do you think water supply should be privatized?

6) Should Rainwater harvesting should be made mandatory in all new buildings?

7) Do you believe we should sacrifice a little bit of economic growth for conservation of water?

8) The next world war will be fought for water.

9)Is Scarcity of water is India’s next big problem.

10) 3 small things any of us can do to save water

Do you have some interesting topics in mind related to this theme. Let us know in the comment section.

For more information on how to play the role of a Table Topic Master, read this article.

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