General Evaluator

A General Evaluator introduction when you got to be quick

Is your club meeting running late? Perhaps, the role players did not turn up in time and that led to a delayed start. Here is a short General Evaluator introduction for those times when you got to be really quick.

Hello Everyone. I am the General Evaluator today. Frankly speaking my role is not as envious as the TMOD who gets to come to the stage repeatedly and talk to you. Nor is it as interesting and fun filled as table topic master. Never the less, if you ask anyone here, they will say that the GE’s role is the most important role in any meeting. Since I am the GE today, I would say I agree with them.

In one single sentence, my duty is to observe the entire meeting and put forward my views on what went good today and what can we improve upon. Assisting me in this task today is my tag team whom I would like to introduce now.

At this point you can introduce your TAG team and get back to your seat so that the first session may begin.


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