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Table Topics made funny with proverbs.

Some of the most memorable lines in our minds are the ancient proverbs like “where there is a will, there is a way.” Every one remembers them from their childhood and can easily understand their meaning.

As a Table Topic Master you can add twist to these proverbs to add fun in the session. Check out the following.

This week I received a distress call from my sister. Their family had hired a business coach to guide them how to take their business to the next level. As part of the growth strategy, the first thing the coach asked them to do was to call a get to gather of all their employees and appreciate them for the hard work. Each member of the family was expected to get up on the stage, hold the mike and say a few words of motivation to boost their morale.

Finding the situation just right, the first tip I gave her was to go back in time and join toastmasters. Obviously the joke did not go down well with her. I than shared some of the things I learnt in my journey here in toastmasters. I would not say she rocked the stage later but definitely those tips came in handy.

The reason why I am sharing this incident with you is to show you why no matter at what stages in your life you are, public speaking is essential to you. You might think that your school days are gone and you no longer need to participate in extra circular activities, yet suddenly you may land on the stage someday out of the blue with a mike in your hand and be expected to utter some intelligent words.

Which is why we here in toastmasters have table topic session. In this session any one can come up on the stage and speak for 1 to 2 minutes on a random topic given by me. Let me assure you, all topics are easy simple and probably something you already know. You get 30 seconds to think as well before you speak. So let’s begin –

Table Topics in Toastmasters
Table Topics in Toastmasters

1) When has honesty not been the best policy for you?

2) Do you really think that an apple a day will keep doctor away?

3) What makes the grass on the other side greener?

4) If necessity is the mother of invention, who is the father?

5) If early bird catches all the worm, how are the other birds still alive?

6) Good things come to those who wait – how would you explain that to a bachelor

7) Why does an empty vessel make more noise?

8) One incident when your action spoke louder than your words.

9) When was the last time you had an idle brain that became a devil’s workshop?

Can you think of more such ancient pieces of wisdom that can be twisted to make a fun Table Topic? Let us know in the comments section below.

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