General Evaluator

A simple General Evaluator’s introduction speech for Toastmasters

The General Evaluator (GE) plays one of the most vital role in a Toastmaster’s meeting. Everyone joins a Toastmaster club to enhance their public speaking skills. One of the most essential bit to achieve this is to receive true feedback. It is therefore the duty of the General Evaluator along with his supporting team to give helpful feedback to all club members.

When the TMOD calls upon the General Evaluator, he is expected to give a small introduction to his role and introduce his supporting team. Here is a very simple yet creative speech a General Evaluator can use to introduce himself.

Imagine you are going to a grand party. You plan to dress impeccably to present the best version of yourself. You stand in front of the mirror and neatly comb your hairs, put your dress to perfection and treat every flaw that you can see. At the end of 2 hours Toastmasters, when you are finally ready in front of the mirror, you are confident that you are looking your absolute best.

Would you like it if it turned out that the mirror was showing you a false image? Or perhaps bad lighting in your room hid some imperfections that you could have cleaned up. No right.

Same is with public speaking. It is important to receive utmost true feedback so that you can improve before you step up into a grand stage. As a General Evaluator, think of me like your mirror. I will help you in seeing a true reflection of your performance while you are on the stage so that you may learn what and where to clean up.

Assisting me in this task is a team of supplementary evaluators called as the TAG team.

At this point you may introduce your tag role players followed by the Table Topic Evaluator. Finally, you can wish every one best of luck before returning to your seat.

So there you go. A very simple speech to introduce yourself when you are the General Evaluator.


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