Table Topic Master

A pollution themed Table Topics session

Pollution or nature is one of the most common theme for the the Toastmaster of the Day. It is common for new members taking up the roles for the first few time to choose this as their theme.

If you are the Table Topic Master in such a meeting, it is important that the topics chosen by you are not common. Presenting new topics in such a common theme will catch and hold member’s attention.

Have a look below at the Table Topic introduction speech and topics below to stand out.

Hello everyone and my special thanks to TM Name our TMOD. I think he has set a really relevant theme for today’s meeting. Ever since the evolution of man, we have destroyed the nature so much that the harm done is irreversible now. All we can do is take steps so that any future damage may at least be curtailed or if possible stopped. During all these times, one positive thing that has happened is that we as a generation have at least become more aware more conscious. After all that’s why we have so many debates discussions and dialogues going on to protect our mother earth. That’s why we have such a theme for our meeting too. It shows that mankind is at least beginning to ponder his actions. So today’s table topic session too revolves around this theme. I have some very simple topics on which anyone including the guest can come up and speak for 2 minutes. So let’s start.

table Topic session in Toastmasters
Table Topic Session

1)Plastics should be banned in our city.

2) 3 steps that each one of us here can take to tackle pollution.

3) Our ever expanding consumerism has killed the earth

4) Why stores need to stop supplying plastic bags?

5) Natural disasters stimulate economic growth.

6) Tourism destroys nature.

7)A natural wonder you like the most.

8) India – nature at its finest.

Do you have some more different topics in mind. Share with us in the comment section below.


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