General Evaluator

A funny General Evaluator introduction

Do you think a General Evaluator role in Toastmasters is very serious? Given his responsibilities, it may appear so. No wonder, in ever club meeting, the role of a General Evaluator is introduced with some of the most heavy and serious words.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to add some fun to it? When a GE steps up on the stage, members expect serious words and warnings. Let us catch them off guard with some humor. Check out this short GE introduction speech that will definitely bring laughter in your club member’s faces.

Hello everyone.

I am the General Evaluator for the day. As the GE, my role is to keep a tab on all the events of the meeting, make note of things that were good, bad, the recommendations, suggestions etc. and present it all towards the end of the meeting.

Think of me like your wedding photographer – the one guy who is silent throughout your wedding, just taking your photos and videos, occasionally smiling at you and who comes back to you after the end of the wedding to give you a proof of all the good food, good decorations, good dresses etc and the bad decision that you have made for life.

Assisting me in this herculean task is my TAG team.

At this point you may introduce the other members in your team.

With the analogy of a marriage photographer and drawing similarities, you have added some spice to your introduction. This will sure make an impression in the minds of the members.


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